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The Main Crypto Marketing Challenges For Project Founders

As an entrepreneur in the cryptocurrency industry, you face many challenges. Most importantly, you must present your offer to investors and do it in an attractive manner. Your proposition needs to be understandable, exciting, and enticing to gain their attention.

The next step is to determine how you will market your concept to attract an audience. While there are many options to do that, there are also many ways to lose money by mismanaging your budget or spending it in ineffective ways.

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The Proven Solutions To Support Your Crypto Marketing Efforts

The key to becoming a mainstream crypto project is to have a great offer, an alluring design, and a well-defined audience. The first one is only possible if you have a blockchain solution that people need or want.

You then need an effective website to welcome visitors, keep them engaged, and build trust.

After that, increasing your holders and popularity will be easier. Once you determine your target audience, you can invite them to check out your project.

Who is Polar and how can he Help You?

Polar is the CEO and team lead of Mainstream Cryptos. Originating from Europe, his transparency, trustworthiness, and sense of humor have helped him work with clients in the crypto industry to bring them success. He is a European serial entrepreneur with a background in marketing and design. His career evolved into becoming a best-selling author and marketing consultant.

Since 2020, he has been deeply focused on crypto marketing, website transformation, and investing. This has led him to be a co-founder of one crypto project, a CMO, and a crypto marketing advisor. His goal is to help you so your project can become a success.

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Part of Polar’s Experience

How Polar And His Team Can help You with your crypto marketing needs?

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This step is key. We listen to understand your needs and goals to determine the most effective ways to help.

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Our team will develop a strategic plan so you can spend your time focusing on your role.

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Our customized and personalized process can help reduce your stress and contribute to your project’s success.

Our Super Strong, Good-As-The-Bitcoin-Network Guarantee

All of Mainstream Cryptos’ services come with a 100% money-back guarantee, and we don’t stop there. We promise you will be closer to your goal of having a mainstream crypto project. If you don’t like what we have delivered to you or if our crypto marketing directions haven’t helped you, we will give your money back. You will be pleased with our work or we will make it right, guaranteed.


To get started, all you have to do is click on “Book a Free Consultation”. Here, you can schedule a time to connect with us. During the call, we can determine if we are suitable for your needs, then arrange the next steps.

This is a tough question. The time for a full redesign depends on the size of your project and offer, your requirements, and existing copy. Although we strive to complete it as quickly as possible, we pay close attention to every detail. In most cases, we aim to have your redesign ready in two to four weeks, but can give you a better estimate once we learn more about your project. As we work, we will be in constant contact with you and keep you updated on the status of the work.

The Mainstream Cryptos team is selective about the projects we work with. We focus our efforts on exciting blockchain projects that offer unique solutions and trustworthy project owners. If you would like to learn more about whether we can work with you, please book a free consultation.

An informative website, a YouTube channel, or even a podcast are effective ways to attract visitors to your project. We can work with you to determine the best approach to use.

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