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Best DeFi TikTok Accounts To Check In 2022

The DeFi space has no shortage in opportunities for advertising, but most of them can’t get you free traffic. In most cases when you pay for ads, you get the number of impressions or clicks that you have paid for. That’s not the case with TikTok. With its growing popularity, the platform gives you a great opportunity to promote your DeFi project. The #Crypto hashtag on TikTok has 1.9 billion views.

The greatest thing about this is the chance for your video to go viral. Some say that it is still not that hard to achieve, but this depends on many factors, and it is not the topic of this article. If you are in the B2B niche, TikTok is probably not the best place to advertise your DeFi project. You can check #DeFi on TikTok and see for yourself.

In all cases, if you have already decided that you want to test it out, these are the best DeFi TikTok accounts in 2022 that you should check out:

1. Crypto Mason


Size – 1.2 M

Crypto Mason is the largest DeFi TikTok Influencer with 1.2 million followers, making him one of the biggest accounts on TikTok about DeFi and crypto as a whole. Crypto Mason is trying to educate his audience but also share exciting news about the blockchain world.

From time to time, he also reveals the investments that he has done, so next time, maybe your token will be mentioned too. His videos are short but informative and definitely worth the look.

2. Crypto Cita


Size: 737K

This channel is very different from all others that you will read about. The main reason is that you won’t find videos only about DeFi, actually, these types of videos are not seen very often here. Crypto Cita is trying to make content mainly about tech stuff and mining.

This doesn’t mean that it is not a good option for your crypto promotion if you have a blockchain project. Check her channel to get a feeling about her content.

3. The Blockchain Boy


Size: 552 K

With more than half a million followers this guy deserves to be part of this DeFi list. He is consistent in creating videos. The main topics are DeFi, project reviews, and news. The Blockchain Boy, like Crypto Mason, also shares his portfolio from time to time.

By checking his channel, you will notice that a good number of his videos are getting more than 20k views and he has a few with over 300K views.

4. Joshua Jake

Size: 365K

Joshua has one of the biggest TikTok channels about DeFi. The great thing about it is that he is not only talking about crypto, but also about the macroeconomic news that can affect the market. In a very educating way, he is trying to keep his followers informed about the status of the top cryptos and sharing his price predictions from time to time.

5. VirtualBacon


Size: 293K

Dennis is aiming to teach beginners about the complex world of DeFi. His short videos provide information about his experience with crypto and give directions on how others can benefit from it. In some of his videos, he also makes a deep analysis of the market and shares his portfolio suggestions.

6. The Wolf Of Bitcoins


Size: 250K

From news about the current DeFi market to funny videos about crypto, you can find everything here. The Wolf also covers topics like BTC mining, wallets, altcoins, and everything in between. Some of his videos have the goal to educate, but a good number of them are just there to entertain the viewers.

7. Crypto Wendy O


Size: 247K

Maybe you have heard this name before. If you haven’t then you are probably not on Twitter or YouTube. Wendy has been getting a lot of popularity lately because of her controversial point of view (not always, but sometimes it is very different from most).

With her TikTok channel, she is covering the latest news in the DeFi world and shares her view about it. She also makes videos about the price of the top crypto tokens together with her predictions. Rarely, she will share the blockchain projects that she has invested in.

8. Layah Heilpern


Size: 231K

Another great TikTok channel about DeFi from a top YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter influencer. I have a feeling that Layah is constantly on TV talking about crypto markets. Her videos on TikTok share part of her appearances together with some cuts from her podcast.

This doesn’t mean that there is no value in these short videos, the truth is totally opposite. Layah knows how to choose short but valuable pieces of information from the content that she has shared in other places and make TikTok videos with it.

9. Crypto Weather Man


Size: 230K 

If you are looking for a channel that talks about DeFi but also stocks, here is one. Its creator knows how to make educational content and convert it into short TikTok videos. This doesn’t mean that there are no funny videos about crypto that will make you laugh.

When you combine all this with all the analysis that he is making on different altcoins, you will get a complete picture of what this TikTok channel is all about.

10. Crypto Smith


Size: 90K

Here is another TikTok channel that can be beneficial for you if you are part of a DeFi project. The channel provides value through videos about altcoins, profit opportunities, and news. He also makes challenges related to investing in crypto some of which are getting him more than 300K per video. He is also sharing different trading strategies that he has tried and that has worked for him.

11. Performante


Size: 77K

Not one of the biggest channels, but still a pretty informative one. Performante focuses on videos about the current market situation, recent news, and trading. From time to time, he also makes reviews of other TikTok channels about DeFi. He is trying to provide value with his unique point of view.

12. Girl Gone Crypto


Size: 35K

Girl Gone Crypto is one of the top TikTok channels about DeFi. Its owner and producer of the content – Lea Thompson, tries to provide valuable advice through her funny and engaging videos. She also makes videos about the current and really important news in the web3 world. When you check her channel you will notice how she can transform boring DeFi stuff into fun TikTok videos.

13. Cryptosrus


Size: 13.5K

Another TikTok channel made by a big YouTube influencer with over 650K subscribers. His follower base on TikTok is far from this number, but you should definitely check it out. Cryptosrus is sharing videos about the current market situation, altcoins that he is following, and news that can affect the DeFi world.

Who is the largest DeFi Influencer/TikToker?

I have made this list in a way that it starts from the largest DeFi influencer to the smallest. This doesn’t mean that you should aim for hiring the first one. I would suggest you first check all the DeFi TikTok channels that I have mentioned, then watch 10+ of their videos so you can get a feeling about their content. Make sure to take a good look at their comments too.

This can give you more information about the actual followers of this channel and this is really important. You don’t want to spend money on a TikTok channel that consists mainly of bots and people that don’t have the characteristics of your target audience. This would be a total waste of money.

That’s why choosing the largest DeFi TikToker is not always the best choice.

What Are The Best DeFi TikTok Accounts According to Reddit?

According to Reddit, those that are looking for crypto investment advice on TikTok are making a big mistake. This is true; however, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t thousands or probably millions of people that are following the advice of the TikTokers. At the same time, you have the list with the best TikTok accounts above, but whether they are the best for your DeFi project depends on many factors.

You can spend a lot of time on Reddit searching for the best DeFi TikTok accounts but you will mostly find hate and reasons why people should not listen to them. Honestly, most of the reasoning is good, but like I said this doesn’t mean that you can’t find investors or buyers for your tokens there.

What you should do next with the list of the best DeFi TikTokers?

It’s time for analysis and research. Please, spend a good amount of time analyzing the videos and audiences. I am begging you to do that because I have personally lost more than a few thousand dollars by undervaluing this. This was one of my costly mistakes as a crypto marketer, but I have learned my lesson. There is no need for you to waste your money because you are short on time. You better not spend the crypto if you have serious doubts about the legitimacy.

Hopefully, this article has given you a starting point on your TikTok DeFi journey. If you need any feedback or consultations regarding your crypto marketing, make sure to book a free consultation with us!


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