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Best ICO Consultants: Find Professional Agencies & Freelancers

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How To Search For & Find The Best ICO Consultants?

With the crypto industry constantly developing and numerous new initiatives emerging, it has become challenging to stand out in the market. In today’s ultra-competitive cryptocurrency industry, getting people to pay attention to an ICO can be a severe challenge.

These days, it is insufficient to launch a new crypto project and expect that it would immediately become a success without good work on its technical, marketing, and legal side. Fortunately, consulting firms specialize in this by adopting various approaches and strategies to help new blockchain founders with their ICOs.

As a project creator, you must collaborate with competent and dependable ICO consulting firms to achieve the most with this partnership. In addition, choosing an agency with international reach can benefit your brand. 

Continue reading to learn how to properly navigate the confusing world of ICO consulting services so you can make the right decision.

What Is An ICO? 

An (ICO), an initial coin offering or initial currency offering, is a type of cryptocurrency crowdfunding. It is a common type of financing that’s often public, although a private ICO that do not solicit public funds also exist.

During an ICO, a certain amount of cryptocurrency is offered to speculators or investors in the form of “tokens” (“coins”) in return for fiat currencies or crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ether, and BNB, for example. The tokens are promoted as a promising investment with high ROI that attracts attention to such events.

Popular ICO Consulting Companies & Agencies

We have compiled a list of some of the top ICO consulting firms for 2022. This doesn’t mean that you can find the right consultant for your project below, use this list as a starting point for your analysis and research.



Labrys is globally renowned for developing Web3 & Blockchain products. The firm employs Web3 and blockchain technology to design, develop, and deploy its products. To make any Web3 solution possible, they also implement all necessary supporting infrastructure ( APIs, web/mobile apps, integrations). They assist businesses, governments, and giant blockchain organizations in using this technology to update current procedures and lead the way in their respective industries.

Their staff comprises some of the industry’s sharpest brains and is situated entirely in Brisbane, Australia, at our Future Lab. Their skilled developers complete all work in-house and create Layer-2 Scaling, Wallet Integrations, Tokens, NFTs, Custom Enterprise Software, Web/Mobile Apps, PoC, MVP, and Production-Ready solutions.

To set up a consultation with Labrys, visit their contact page and select Blockchain Consulting from the dropdown menu.


SoluLab is one of the best blockchain development businesses, with over 50 million active app users and a 97% customer success rate that rivals the competition. The Fortune 500 companies and high-growth startups SoluLab has collaborated with include Walt Disney, Mercedez Benz, Goldman Sachs, Georgia Tech, the University of Cambridge, and others.

SoluLab, led by management executives from Goldman Sachs and Citrix, aims to reduce costs by over 50% for the client with a faster hiring process than other market participants. Through cutting-edge technologies like the cloud, artificial intelligence, chatbots, blockchain, the internet of things, augmented and Virtual Reality, machine learning, and more. SoluLab’s award-winning enterprise software solutions offer full-spectrum, 360-degree services to startups, small businesses, and large corporations.

To set up a consultation with SoluLab, visit their contact page.



Cubix is a top game, mobile app, and enterprise software development company! The firm specializes in developing, modifying, and integrating sophisticated business intelligence analytics, enterprise-level solutions, advanced web and mobile solutions, and more. Cubix has more than 12 years of expertise and has worked with many people, startups, and organizations.

The firm’s staff is constantly upgrading and mastering industry advancements. Blockchain, E-Learning, IoT, AI, SaaS, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and other technologies. Their experienced project team has grasped all and is constantly improving with the industry. 

If you are interested in Cubix’s services, you can contact them here.

Alphonic Network Solutions

Alphonic Network Solutions

Alphonic Network Solutions was founded in 2013 as a full-stack mobile app and web development company. With a team of more than 40 talented and motivated masterminds working from Jaipur, India, we have completed more than 200 projects worldwide. Development of websites, native iOS and Android apps, and other services is part of what we provide. The firm aims to bring profitability to your company with effective communication, consulting, and interactive solutions.

They guarantee you receive the best solutions at the lowest cost using an Agile Work Approach. Their philosophy is based on putting the needs of the client first. They operate as a unified team that makes all the necessary growth-oriented decisions by comprehending your business requirements to selecting the appropriate technologies.

For more detailed information on Alphonic’s services, contact them here.

Suffescom Solutions Inc.

Suffescom Solutions Inc.

Suffescom Solutions Inc is a California-based IT company. They specialize in developing unique solutions for clients that help them build their businesses and strengthen their brands. The company aims to develop dynamic and unique mobile apps that meet clients’ objectives.

Customers can experience high-end technology that is traditional and distinctive with apps made by Suffescom. Reviews and ratings on Suffescom are indicative of the quality the firm offers. 

Suffescom Solutions Inc has delivered 50+ blockchain projects and 180+ others throughout their 13+ years in the industry and over 5.5 years in metaverse-related and blockchain technologies. Their team of more than 150 experienced blockchain and metaverse developers has created and produced several blockchain networking projects, including the NFT Marketplace, Play2Earn game platform, cryptocurrency-based initiatives, and more.

To set up a consultation with Suffescom Solutions, contact them here.

Mainstream Cryptos

Mainstream Cryptos

Mainstream Cryptos is a web3 marketing and web design consultancy that helps projects to achieve more with their advertising budget. We can help and give feedback about your marketing strategies, offers, and brand presentation. Our team knows what is needed to thrive in the expanding world of web3.

For free consultations, you can contact Mainstream Cryptos here.

What Does An ICO Consultant Do?

ICO Consultant

An ICO consulting agency is a firm that should have extensive knowledge of decentralized finance (DeFi). It can offer professional advice on the best methods to handle various parts of an Initial Coin Offering. The ICO consultant can be the advisor that directs your team to the most appropriate resources for launching a successful initial coin offering.

Some of these experts offer help in the form of one-on-one coaching, training, and mentoring. They can give you direct technical assistance, marketing advice, legal counsel, etc. Some ICO consulting companies offer help even after the ICO is launched and the project thrives.

Do I Need An ICO Consultant?

Given the intricacies of the crypto sector, the services of an ICO specialist can be beneficial. They can assist you in determining the best techniques to adopt to prepare for and promote your project’s launch.

An ICO consultant can assist you with many things, but most significantly, if it is a good one, they can save you a ton of time and money.

Is It Worth Hiring An ICO Consultant?

The simple answer is “Yes” (but only if they have the needed traits we cover below). The importance of hiring an ICO consultant cannot be overemphasized. The consultant can provide insights into law and compliance issues, token architecture and platform, marketing and communication, token listing, bounty programs, etc.

How Much Do ICO Consultants Cost?

ICO Consultants Cost

There are different types of deals that you can do with them. The most common among them is a fee with a percentage of the rise. For a 3-6 month commitment, some charge between $50-100k and a minimum of 1% of the increase. You can get better rates through negotiations, so you should attempt to negotiate rates before accepting an offer.

Where Can You Find ICO Consultants? 

Thanks to the internet, you can find ICO consultants everywhere, most commonly on various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also find ICO consultants in many online and offline crypto communities. The question is how to find good ones, so let’s look at…

What Traits Does A Good ICO Consultant Have?

There are several factors to evaluate and determine if an ICO consultant agency or freelance consultant is suitable for your business. These qualities are necessary to have a higher chance of making a deal with a good one. The traits a good ICO consultant should have includes the following: 


A crucial consideration when choosing an ICO consulting firm is experience. Fortunately, thanks to the internet (again), you can quickly learn about this professional business experience through a quick Google search. You can also review the applicant’s portfolio, speak with their references, and look through their LinkedIn page.

Ensure that the expert is knowledgeable about your field when evaluating them. For instance, if gaming is the niche of your project, look for an ICO specialist with experience in gaming. Each place has its nitty-gritty details that are beneficial for you to know about before you launch your ICO.

Global Exposure

Crypto Global Exposure

Numerous organizations may now take advantage of opportunities in both domestic and global marketplaces thanks to the internet and blockchain technology. The consulting firm should be able to provide you with accurate information on launching your ICO if you plan to target domestic and foreign customers.

They should be able to help you to navigate the numerous nations’ complex legal and cultural issues. Remember that having worldwide investors in your ICO means that your project must comply with all local laws in your target countries.


Crypto Network

A trusted ICO consulting firm has connections with other industry experts or/and even influencers who can help with your project. Therefore, learning about a consultant’s contacts is useful. A specialist with an extensive network can help your project reach its goals quickly.

Track Record

Your project will achieve its goals more rapidly with the assistance of an ICO consulting firm with a solid track record. It would be beneficial to find out how crypto groups rate the consultant too. Consultants will cause more problems than good to your coin offering. Additionally, such businesses can stop your token from being listed on certain exchanges. 

It is important to do deep research about the consultant’s track record and even talk with your community about it. Your members might also give you insight into how others perceive the questioned guy or gal.

Public Profile 

A trustworthy ICO consultant has a significant online presence and is well-known. Because of this, you should look through the expert’s profiles to get a sense of the information they post and how communities respond. You can assess them by keeping an eye on a professional website like LinkedIn or Twitter.


If you need an ICO consulting firm for your upcoming project, you should research all possible options deeply. I have tried to provide you with a starting point in this process, but only you can decide which company can best serve you.

If you find this article valuable, share it with your network. And if you need help with your crypto marketing or website design, we are more than happy to help! Just book a free consultation with us today!



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