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Best Web3 Newsletters For Your Crypto Project In 2023

12 web3 newsletters that can help you in your crypto marketing journey

There are many options to promote your crypto project. Some of the most common channels for advertising include social media, banner ads, and influencers. But there is one category that you shouldn’t forget about–the web3 newsletters.

The great thing about web3 newsletters is that there you can find an audience that is really interested in blockchain news and updates. This means that if you have a great blockchain solution, you can probably find new investors and buyers there.

Even though not many crypto marketers talk about email marketing, it has been proven that email is one of the most effective advertising tools. Here are some stats that demonstrate its influence:

– Email marketing can get you an ROI of 4200% ($42 for every $1 spent)
– Email can be 40% better at converting (in comparison to Facebook and Twitter)
– 40% of B2B marketers say that email newsletters are the most important tactic in their content marketing strategy

These stats are convincing, right? Despite this, I haven’t seen many web3 projects leveraging email marketing in their advertising efforts. That’s why if you figure out a good way to include it as part of your marketing tactics you can increase your chances of reaching your goal.

I have good news for you, there are two platforms that can help you to make a deal with most web3 newsletters – Swapstack and Paved (I am part of their partner program because I like their service, so if you sign up through this link, I may get a commission).

Not all of the websites that I will mention below are listed on them, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t offer advertising options. In all cases, if you can’t find them on Swapstack or Paved, just send them an email; who knows, maybe you can be their first advertiser, which can be beneficial for you (but this is another story).
Now, let me list the best web3 newsletters:

1. The Milk Road (free to subscribe):

The Milk Road Website

Subscriber count: 150,000+

Really informative and fun web3 newsletter that helps you learn the latest news from the crypto world. The authors are trying to condense the information in a way that you can read the whole email in 5 minutes or less while adding some humor. If you don’t want to advertise in it, I still believe that it is a good idea to at least sign up for it.

2. Swaggy’s Top Stonks (free to subscribe)

Swaggy's Top Stonks Website

Subscribers count: 84000+

Web3 newsletter that makes analysis and searches for trends on crypto and meme stocks. 

3. Crypto Club (free to subscribe)

Subscribers count: 107,000+

Even though their website looks like a page made 20+ years ago the newsletter has a solid subscriber base. They are trying to explain the web3 world and help those that are looking to achieve financial freedom through their investments in crypto and NFT. You should definitely check it out.

4. Coinsnacks (free to subscribe)

Coinsnacks Website

Subscribers count: 62600+

CoinSnacks, like most of the other web3 newsletters mentioned above, is trying to make the crypto world easier for everyone. They deliver one email every Wednesday with all the news that they have in a digestible way. You can even see that some of the top crypto brands are also reading it – Binance, Coinbase, Helium.

5. Almanack (free to subscribe)

Subscribers count: 51900+

Almanack is one of the weekly web3 newsletters with a good number of subscribers. Their primary topics include crypto news, DeFi stuff, and web3 as general topics. The audience that gets their emails consists of business founders from the web3 world, crypto enthusiasts, and even crypto skeptics.

6. The Forefront Newsletter (free to subscribe)

The Forefront Newsletter website

Subscriber count: Undisclosed

Here is another weekly web3 newsletter that you should check out. They send their emails every Monday. The bad news that I have for you is that you can’t find them on the platforms that I mentioned in the beginning, but you can contact them and ask for sponsorship

7. Creator Economy (free to subscribe)

Creator Economy by Peter Yang Website

Subscriber count: 34,900+

This web3 newsletter is very different from the others that I just mentioned. The first reason is that its subscribers don’t get consistent emails every week. Peter (the creator) sends emails about crypto and tech once or twice per month, so you don’t know when the next advertising opportunity will be, but it’s still worth checking it out. And the second reason is that only Peter is preparing the emails, which makes it more personal.

8. Surge women (free to subscribe)

Surge Women website

Subscriber count: Undisclosed

This is the first web3 newsletter with women as the main demographic. With their weekly emails, they are trying to educate their subscribers about crypto by talking about different crypto topics, giving blockchain insights, and different recommendations for events, content, and people.

9. Cryptechie (free to subscribe)

Cryptechie Website

Subscribers count: 22,000+

All the subscribers of Cryptechie get emails every 2 weeks that consist of info about crypto, fintech, and venture investing. Its author Nakul tries to give perspectives and insights around fintech, crypto, and growth investing in the US and emerging markets. 

10 WebThree.FYI (free to subscribe)

WebThree.FYI Website

Subscribers count: 21000+

Thanks to this web3 newsletter you can enter the rabbit hole or at least this is what they say. They send weekly emails, but compared to others they consist of more information about a project from DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, cryptocurrencies, and more.

11. Web3 Daily (free to subscribe)

Web3 Daily Website

Subscribers count: 13800+

Here is another crypto newsletter that promises to give insights about the latest Web3 and blockchain news in a very short amount of time. It sends emails daily and sometimes even multiple a day. This means more opportunities for advertising.

12. Web3 creator (free to subscribe)

Web3 Creator Website

Subscribers count: 6800+

Web3 creator is a weekly newsletter that sends insights about NFTs, metaverse, and blockchain amongst the noise and hype.

Best Web3 Newsletters According to Reddit

As a bonus to the current article, I have done some research to find out what the Reddit audience thinks about the best web3 newsletters, and I have prepared a short list for you. Here it is:

The Defiant – 75k+ subscribers
Coinbase Bytes Newsletter
Axios Crypto – daily, weekdays
Bored Founders News

I have included in this list only web3 newsletters that can’t be found in my list above. This is my gift to you—I promised 12, but you are getting 17 newsletters.

What’s the largest Web3 newsletter?

I have been asked this question many times by my web3 clients. When you are looking to use newsletters to advertise your crypto brand you should look for other important metrics like open and click rates, not size. They show how engaged the subscribers of the newsletter are because you are looking for results—not trying to get a badge that you have been promoted on the largest web3 newsletter. Otherwise, you may get some hype boost, but it may or may not get you closer to reaching your KPIs.

What should a Web3 Newsletter Include?

When you are choosing the right web3 newsletters for your crypto brand my suggestion is to subscribe to all of those that you plan to use and read some of their latest emails. This will help you understand their style and figure out if your blockchain solution offer will make sense there and how you can achieve the most with your crypto promotions.

In any case, it is better to be included in a value-giving email, not in a purely promotional one. Otherwise, your blockchain ad may fight for attention.

Keep in mind that web3 newsletters come and go, especially when the markets are very uncertain (like now). That’s why it is possible for some of those that I have listed above to stop for a while. This is the reason why it is good to subscribe to all that you think can be beneficial for your blockchain brand and be prepared to use more than one.

As a marketer with more than 10 years of experience, I can tell you that emails have always been a good friend of mine and have helped me tremendously. That’s why I suggest you find a way to use it in your crypto marketing campaigns. If you need any guidance in deciding how to use newsletters to promote your crypto market, make sure to book a free consultation with us!


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Polar is the CEO and team lead of Mainstream Cryptos. Originating from Europe, his transparency, trustworthiness, and sense of humor have helped him work with clients in the crypto industry to bring them success. He is a European serial entrepreneur with a background in marketing and design. His career evolved into becoming a best-selling author and marketing consultant.

Since 2020, he has been deeply focused on crypto marketing, website transformation, and investing. This has led him to be a co-founder of one crypto project, a CMO, and a crypto marketing advisor. His goal is to help you so your project can become a success.

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