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CoinMarketCap Listing Requirements: Everything You Need To Know

Table of Contents

  • Why & How To Get Your Token Listed On CoinMarketCap?
  • How To Apply For A Listing On CoinMarketCap?
  • What Are The Benefits Of Listing On CoinMarketCap?
  • What Are The Main CoinMarketCap Listing Criteria?
  • What Is The CoinMarketCap Evaluation Framework?
  • How Much Does It Cost To Get Listed On CMC?
  • How Long Does It Take To Get Listed On CoinMarketCap?


Why & How To Get Your Token Listed On CoinMarketCap

why CoinMarketCap ?

You have an excellent crypto project, but no one knows about it… yet. This is a problem that all blockchain founders face when they start, and you are probably in that position too. You need to focus on one thing now: letting the world know that you exist.

You can achieve that by opening your (crypto) wallet and start spending on advertising, listing on an exchange, or listing on top price tracking platforms like CoinMarketCap.

Based on my experience, it is best to do these four things in this order:

– Start your prelaunch advertising campaign

– List an exchange (preferably one that CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko support)

– List on CoinMarketCap (getting listed on CoinGecko is beneficial too)

– Start your post-launch marketing campaigns

A prelaunch campaign can help build hype around your project, but you need a strategy, or you will just waste your money. 

That is a topic for another day. Keep reading to learn more about listing on CoinMarketCap!

Listing on CoinMarketcap, this is our main focus for this article. However, if this is your first crypto project or you are transitioning from web2 to web3, you are probably wondering…

How To Apply For A Listing On CoinMarketCap?

There is only one way to do it: to go through their submission form. As I told you, some companies offer to be your middleman and even guarantee you a listing there, but you should be very careful with that. Plenty of scammers suggest doing that, so always triple-check before paying someone to act as a middleman. My suggestion is to try it by yourself or ask one of your team members to do it before you start searching for a shortcut.

The form can take up to 15-20 minutes or more, depending on if you fill in the information directly or if you have prepared it beforehand.

What Are The Benefits Of Listing On CoinMarketCap?

While writing this, getting listed on CoinMarketCap (CMC) is one of the main goals for all crypto projects. There is more than one reason why. Let me list some of them:


Crypto Discoverability

CMC has more than 100M visitors per month. This makes it one of the top websites which crypto investors check regularly. This means that having your token listed there allows you to be discovered by many new investors.



Getting listed on CoinMarketCap is not that easy because they have an excellent review process which may take a lot of time. Blockchain investors know that, so seeing your token on CMC means you have trust and credibility. I am not saying that only trustworthy projects are listed there. However, not being listed will put some investors on the fence about opening their wallets for you.



Listing there, in most cases, leads to a price increase, especially if you already have holders and a community. In most cases, you can expect to see a pump in your market cap.

Improved SEO

Having your token listed on CoinMarketCap with all the details and links about your project gives you more trust in the eyes of Google. This is truly beneficial because one of the things that the big G is looking for when deciding how to rank you is the domain authority of the websites that link to you. Because of the popularity of CMC, that connection to you can highly influence your page ranking.

By now, you might be fully convinced that you should list your token on CMC. However, I have bad news for you. Not all projects get listed there (even though there are rumors that if you pay the right person, you can appear on CMC). That’s why before you start listing your token on CoinMarketCap, you should know more about…

What Are The Main CoinMarketCap Listing Criteria?

Before starting, it is essential to know that following these guidelines doesn’t guarantee a listing there. CMC is researching when deciding which token to record and not to document. Not following their rules will leave you out of it in all cases.

Types of CMC Listing (According to the CMC website)


Projects that have met the guidelines in Section B1/B2 and exhibit strengths in several areas of Section C.


DEX pair pages were created through automated processes using on-chain data but have not been reviewed by CMC. 


Pages that have been created and manually reviewed by the CMC team. Verification is done on a best-efforts basis.

Today we will discuss the Tracked listing because it has more benefits for your project than the Untracked one. I can’t tell you much about the Verified listing because it depends on the manual review process that the CoinMarketCap team is doing. 

The requirements that you need to cover are:

– To correctly fill out the whole application form

– Choose the most appropriate for your crypto project option – Token or Exchange. Making the wrong choice here will almost guarantee your failure to list on CMC.

– Working website and a block explorer

– Users must trade the tokens publicly and actively on at least one exchange (there should be some volume) that has tracked the listing status on the CMC platform.

– Leverage cryptography, consensus algorithms or distributed ledgers, peer-to-peer technology, and smart contracts to function as a store of value, medium of exchange, unit of account, or decentralized application

– Complete information about your project that you can verify

– A representative from your company will be in contact with the CoinMarketCap team and answer their questions if they need any clarifications

Let’s look at what you should and shouldn’t do to increase your chances of getting listed on CMC. This information is based on their tips and my personal experience as well.


– Check the complete application form and prepare all the needed info beforehand. This way, you can ensure that all that you write in the fields are appropriately formulated and correct.

– Submit the form only when you have filled all the required fields, but if possible, the best would be to serve as many optional fields as possible too.

– Prepare all the evidence that CoinMarketCap is expecting from you before you start with the form.

– Provide trustworthy information


– Add information that are not true and may mislead the team or CMC users on the form

– Use hyperboles or vague statements

– Submit a form that is not fully completed or with information that you are not sure if it is true or not

– Reach out to their team through other channels, such as email or social media, because they will always direct you to the same application form (check below)

– Submit duplicate requests or repeatedly ask their team for status updates, as it will add to the queue and it will probably delay the process

– Contact CMC team members on any other channel to get your request expedited.

– Send the same application forms many times (or ask other entities to do so on your behalf) or attempt to bribe the CMC team, as this may result in the blacklisting of your project.

– Send “angry comments” to their official emails or social media channels, as this doesn’t reflect well on your brand and may even result in the blacklisting of your project.

What Is The CoinMarketCap Evaluation Framework?

As we already stated, listing on CMC is only guaranteed if you cover all the criteria and send them a complete application form. Together with all the checks that their team will do, they are also doing additional evaluations. Because of that, it is essential to know more about it due to its effect on the platform listing decision. Some of the factors that can influence it to include things like:

Trading volume and pairs

A higher volume and more pairs can help you because it means more interest in your project.

Community engagement

Having an engaged community can give you more chances to list there

Traction of the project

Delivering on your roadmap, having a growing number of holders and partnerships, or/and institutional interest, can also convince the CMC team to list you.


Having a skilled team and advisors is something that they are looking for too.


A blockchain solution that solves a real problem or addresses a specific pain has a higher chance of listing.


A product that is easy to implement and use for a sizeable addressable market


Offer a unique way of solving a problem, and you may see your token on CoinMarketCap.

Project Longevity

projects with a history have a higher chance of being listed.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Listed On CMC?

The good news is that it is free. However, you should make sure everything is in order before starting the application process. So, there may be no cost to list, but a reasonable amount of time is included in the preparation.

How Long Does It Take To Get Listed On CoinMarketCap?  

It may take a few hours or a few months. There is no place on their website where you can find an exact estimation for this. Dozens of projects appear online every day and all of them want to get listed on CMC which makes the evaluation process very slow. That’s why you need some patience when you are looking to achieve that. Just make sure that you follow their criteria together with all the tips that I have provided, and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Being listed on CoinMarketCap is a must these days for all crypto projects. Getting the most out of it means having a great website that presents an offer that the target audience can’t say “No” to. Otherwise, you may shoot yourself in the foot with all the new traffic that you will get. Allow us to help you with your offer preparation and page creation/design so you can achieve more with your CMC listing. Just book a free consultation with us, and let’s talk!


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Since 2020, he has been deeply focused on crypto marketing, website transformation, and investing. This has led him to be a co-founder of one crypto project, a CMO, and a crypto marketing advisor. His goal is to help you so your project can become a success.

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