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What is white space and why does your crypto website urgently needs it?

You have a website for your crypto brand, and that’s a great start! Today, it is not that hard to put something online, but is this enough? No! Your crypto web page is your face, your salesperson working 24/7 for you. That’s why you need more than randomly picked elements on a background! You need something that can help your marketing and make acting for your visitors the next logical step.

There are many things that you need to take into consideration to achieve this. We will cover arguably the most important aspect called whitespace (or white space). White space is one of web design’s most potent creative elements.

What Is Whitespace In Graphic Design?




Whitespace is the space between your website’s functional elements and your content. This doesn’t mean that this space must be filled with white color. It can have all possible colors, but there shouldn’t be any additional elements.

If you put too much whitespace, your structure will look chaotic, and if you put too little, the page looks too crowded. The reality is that you can’t go without it, and it is an essential part of the design of your crypto website.

There is something called “The White Space Rule,” which is a technique that ensures the use of enough white space or simply blank spaces in a design. This means that white spaces shouldn’t always be white. They can just be any negative space between elements; they can be any color. Our article about color psychology may help you with this.

What is the difference between Micro and Macro White Space?

According to Ayten, the gap between text lines, paragraphs, and letter spacing is known as micro whitespace. Macro whitespace, in contrast, refers to the space between a composition’s central pieces. Margin and padding are also mentioned. Both sorts are equally vital and work best together.

Examples of White Space Usage

Bear Creek Distillery

Bearcreek Whitespace Usage


SquareSpace whitespace usage

Persuasive Punctuation

persuasive punctation whitespace usage


apple inc. whitespace usage


tinker whitespace usage

What are the Best Practices for using White Space?

– Emphasize certain elements.

– Clarifying relationships between objects.

– Improve readability.

– Divide elements without using visible dividers.

– Create a feeling of elegance.


Why Is White Space an Important Design Element?

Making your website look tidy and orderly is one of the many benefits when using whitespace properly. Let’s see what else it can do for your crypto project page:

1. Makes Your Website More Attractive

It takes a short amount of time for your visitors to form their first impression (some say a few seconds, some milliseconds). If the first thing that they see is a section that has a lot of compressed elements, you will overwhelm them. Adding the needed amount of whitespace to the whole website will create a feeling of elegance, exclusivity, and luxury. And this can help you with your brand positioning.

2. Focuses The Attention Of The Potential Token Buyer

The website’s goal is to guide the visitor in a way that supports your primary business objective – token sales, community building, newsletter sign-ups, or anything else. Using the right amount of whitespace can help your visitor focus on the most important things. In this instance, you should keep this rule in mind–if there is an object you want to receive a lot of attention, put more space around it. This strategy is commonly used around product presentations (videos, images) and call-to-action buttons.

3. Improves Readability 

You can’t convey your blockchain product ideas without enough text; that’s a fact. But it is also a fact that you need to structure it in a way, so it doesn’t push your visitors away. Otherwise, they may not read it. Thanks to whitespace, you can format it properly, so it goes smoothly, line by line. Three things can help you with that are:

– The space between letters, words, and paragraphs determine if it will be pleasant to read or exhausting.

– Font size – picking the correct font size affects the attention of your visitors.

– Line height (the vertical space between lines of text) – adjusting it based on your font size can help you to improve the text readability. But if you misuse it, you will receive the opposite results. That’s why it is crucial to keep in mind this rule – your line height should be between 120%-145% of the font size.

One more thing, better readability means better comprehension. And we all know how important it is for potential investors to understand our concept to be long-term holders, not pump-and-dump players.

4. Better Interaction On Your Website

With so many investment options, potential buyers check many websites for only a short amount of time. You can use this to your advantage by using whitespace to remove the distractions which often overwhelm and slow down the visitor.

This is very important, especially when your crypto website has a goal that is not just branding. And more interactions with your website mean a higher chance of winning the investor.

5. Visual Hierarchy = Better Scannability

Organizing your content in a logical way that makes the processing of the information on your website very easy is called visual hierarchy. The idea is to arrange the elements so there is a smooth flow that the visitor’s eyes will follow when they land on your page. As we mentioned, people tend to scan pages when they see them for the first time. The visual hierarchy helps them by making the process of scanning very pleasant.

6. Helps With The Separation And Connection Between Elements

You can use whitespace to separate sections or elements that are unrelated. This way, you create a balanced website with a better visual layout. However, whitespace also has a significant impact on how people comprehend information. This is because of the relationship between the elements and the negative (white) space. Based on the Law of Proximity, objects located near each other appear similar.

separation and connection between elements by using whitespace

Source: Practicalpie

How Much is White Space Too Much?

Too much white space can make your page look really empty. There is a lot of empty space on your page without any particular focus. Instead of attracting the reader’s attention and luring them to read more, too much white space detracts from your content.


In conclusion, try to use whitespace to make the experience of your potential investors pleasant but also guided. This way, you create a win-win situation. Additionally, whitespace has also been proven to reduce the bounce rate. When you combine that with what you have learned about whitespace, you should better understand if your current website or future website can deliver the experience your current and prospective investors deserve.

It may sound like a challenging task, but now you know how important it is to do it. That’s why if you are busy or need someone with experience with design and whitespace, book a free consultation with us!


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