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Getting Listed On CoinGecko: Everything You Need To Know

The Proven Way To Get Listed On CoinGecko

You have a website, a token, and a small community. Sooner or later your members will start asking you a very important question (if they haven’t already done it) – when will you be on CoinGecko? Or, at least, it will be a version of this question.

Probably the main reason for this is that in most cases (based on my experience) getting listed on CoinGecko leads to an increase in the price of your token and they know it too. There are many benefits to listing on CoinGecko, which we will cover later.

It is important to know that CoinGecko is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency news & listing websites. Every day, there are many new tokens of all sizes that appear on its website. With over 35M monthly visitors, CoinGecko gives your token a great opportunity to shine on the crypto stage.

What Is CoinGecko?

Coingecko Webpage

CoinGecko is a platform where people go to track the prices of their coins, read crypto-related news, and discover new projects that they can invest in. On the website, you can also find information about the market cap, trading volume, links, and other data about each of the listed projects.

I would say that CoinGecko is the second most visited website in crypto by most of the current investors (the first position is taken by CoinMarketCap). If you have been in crypto long enough, you should have already visited these two websites at least a dozen times.

To know more about Coingecko’s processes, you can visit their methodology page.

Why List On CoinGecko?

Why list on CoinGecko

I expect that you already know the answer but let me give you my perspective because I believe that there is more than one reason why you should be getting listed on CoinGecko. Here are my answers to this question:

– This is the second most visited website in crypto, so if you are not there, you probably don’t exist.

– Some investors believe that if you are not listed on CoinGecko, you are a scam project.

– Placing your token there gives you the chance to be noticed by many new investors.

– Your marketing efforts can get a serious boost if you manage to get a good price increase or if you somehow appear on the CoinGecko trending list. There is a pool of new investors that will probably flood your Discord or/and Telegram and buy your token without much research

– Your current investors expect you to list there because they know about the benefits of doing that.

– You get some legitimacy in the eyes of Google, which means that there are SEO benefits for your project too.

– You can potentially see a positive price impact because, very often, the listing on CoinGecko creates hype around your project. With a little push from your side, it can get you even more than that.

– Some crypto-related platforms and exchanges will not list or work with you if your token is not on CoinGecko.

Let me state it like this – you MUST list there, and you will miss a lot if you don’t.

What Are The CoinGecko Listing Criteria?

One of the great things about CoinGecko is that its listing criteria are doable for all legit crypto projects. They don’t expect you to be the next BTC to put your token among the others, but your blockchain brand to cover some basic requirements. Let’s see what they are:

– Fully functional website that has enough information about your crypto project. Your website should have information about the team, the purpose of the token, and links to all available social media accounts

– On your website, you should clearly state that the project/maintaining team owns the website.

– You should host your website on your hosting provider and not use platforms like Wix.

– Your token should have a link to a block explorer, which the CoinGecko listing team can check.

– Your crypto project token should be listed on at least one of the exchanges that Coingecko is integrated with (you can see the list with the exchanges here).

– Your tokens should NOT be traded only on self-serviceable centralized/decentralized exchanges, but on one of the exchanges listed on the provided link.

– You should be able to clearly communicate the market capitalization calculation, and circulating supply (e.g. any company/foundation/team/developers/vesting/locked tokens).

That’s all! As you can see there are no sophisticated requirements that they expect from you. Of course, even if you provide all the needed information, they may not list your token, but based on my experience this happens very rarely if you fulfill all the requirements and you have a legit crypto project.

There is probably one very important question that is going inside your head right now:

How Much Does It Cost to Get Listed on CoinGecko?

Coingecko listing cost

The great thing about listing on CoinGecko is that it doesn’t cost you anything, it is absolutely free! You just need to spend the time to do what’s needed to get your token listed. Keep in mind that there are many scammers that may present themselves as people working there and ask for payment to list your token faster. Never fall into this trap.

CoinGecko has already stated clearly that none of its team members will reach out to you to ask for money. What I have noticed is that if your token gets a lot of hype, it may get listed without you having to do it, but I wouldn’t wait for this.

It is important to mention that there are some businesses that offer the service to list your token instead of you and even guarantee you faster listing. The reality is that you don’t need anyone to help you with the listing on CoinGecko if you have a legit project that covers their requirements.

Maybe someone can help you to speed up the process, but the chance of getting scammed is also high, so I am not sure if it is worth it.

How Long Does It Take To Get Listed?

Coingecko listing time

I am sorry to say that there is no official statement about this, but if you cover all the requirements, it usually takes about 5 business days. However, I have seen projects getting listed fast—as quick as 24 hours—while others took a few weeks, so there is no guarantee when you will get listed.

One important thing to keep in mind is that it is not advisable to try to list your token again if you have sent a request less than 1-2 weeks ago. CoinGecko’s team is not a big fan of submitting your token multiple times for a shorter amount of time. I would advise you to keep checking the status of your request, and not go through the same listing process again.

How To Apply For A Listing On CoinGecko?

How to list on coingecko

Before you start the procedure, you should do two things:

1. Register for a CoinGecko account

2. Log in to your CoinGecko account by going to and clicking on the Login button on the upper right of the page (if the website does not log you in automatically after registration)

3. After you have done these two steps, you should fill out a very simple application form that can be found here – the CoinGecko listing form. Just fill in all the required fields, submit, and you should be good to go.

It is really nice that CoinGecko gives you the opportunity to track the status of your listing. This can be easily done when you click on the “Your Requests” button on the listing form page or you can click here.

Congratulations, now you know everything that is needed to list your token on CoinGecko! However, I advise you list your token after:

1. You have checked your website.

2. You are sure that it is fully functional and has everything that CoinGecko is looking for.

You will probably get a lot more attention to your crypto project because of this listing, it can be beneficial for your brand to have a brilliant offer. You have an effective offer if:

1. Your web visitors feel really tempted to invest in your token.

2. Your target audience thinks that it is a no-brainer to ape in.

In both cases, if you need help preparing your website for CoinGecko or if you want some guidance to create an offer that stimulates people to act, book a free consultation with us!

Thanks a lot for reading this article!

If you enjoyed it or found it helpful, share it with your crypto friends, it may be truly beneficial for them!


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