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Color Psychology

How to use color psychology on your website to make people more attracted to your crypto brand?

When you start designing your crypto brand identity, one of the first questions that you will get from designers is: what colors do you prefer? This seems like a simple question that is related to your preferences, but that’s not true.

The answer to this question is really important and can affect your crypto marketing and brand in a very serious way. The reason behind this is hidden in color psychology. Before we talk more about it, I just want you to know that no matter if you believe it or not, it has been proven that colors have a very deep effect on us and on our decisions.

People decide whether or not they like a product in 90 seconds or less and that 90% of that decision is based solely on color.Kissmetrics.

That’s why picking the right crypto brand colors from the beginning is a wise move. Otherwise, you may need to rebrand your website later which may be costly and time-consuming.

What is color psychology?

Color Psychology

It is science that studies how colors affect human behavior and decisions. Because of this science,for example, we can explain why different colors evoke different emotions in us.

But more importantly, color psychology gives us the directions that we need when we pick our crypto branding colors, so we can have more effective marketing. This is hugely important because it can help us to make our website convert more.

When and Where Should You Use it?

You can also use color psychology in advertising and marketing outside of color therapy. Decisions on branding and product design rely on consumer reactions to various hues.

Why is color important in digital design?

You can use its findings to present your crypto brand values directly to your potential investor’s subconscious mind. When businesses successfully do this, customers sometimes have a hard time explaining why they feel attracted to them.

There are potentially many reasons for that, but one of them is that brand colors resonate with their personality. So, things you can also achieve when you properly pick your crypto website colors:

1. Higher conversion rate 

Conversion Rate / Sales

Choosing the right colors for elements that have a higher influence on visitors to make work with creating a great first impression, can drastically increase your conversion rate. For example, changing the color of your call-to-action button can have a huge impact on your numbers:

VegasSlotsOnline increased conversion rates by a whopping 175% after changing their CTA button color from green to yellow” (DesignAdvisor)

2. Better bounce rate and higher retention 

Color psychology, Bounce Rate Increase

Colors affect us in different ways – some help us feel better, some make us feel safe, some repel us, and so on. This means that if you pick the right color Psychology scheme, you can keep your visitors more time on your website which automatically increases your chance to convert them into investors, community members, or whatever your goal is.

3. What do you stand for 

Using the right colors can help you emphasize what your crypto brand is about. This will help potential investors have a better understanding of your blockchain solution and its benefits.

4. Trust and credibility 

Trust and Credibility

Picking the right color psychology scheme is important for a good first impression, but its also good for building trust and credibility. Having too many colors or colors that don’t make sense together, can immediately push away visitors.

That’s not all. When paired with the fact that people won’t realize why, but they just don’t want to trust you, because the colors that you have chosen tell them that you are not trustworthy (remember the Kissmetrics research on the top?).

These are just part of the benefits, but I am sure you get the point. So, let’s proceed…

How can you use color psychology to your advantage when creating your crypto website?

The first and most important thing is to know that you are not your customers. It is a very common mistake to make assumptions about our clients based on our preferences and experience. Believe it or not, you are just one person, and your potential investors are thousands or millions of people who are probably very different from you.

That’s why when you are picking the colors for your website, it is important to do research into the characteristics of your potential buyers. You should start with the answers to these simple questions:

– What is the average age of my ideal investors?
– What’s the gender of my ideal investor?
– Where do they live, and are there any cultural specifics?

Here are some stats that may help you when deciding about the colors:

Color Preference

Color Preference By Age Group

Source –

Here is a study made by a designer from Microsoft:

Men vs Women Color Preference

The second important thing that should affect your decision about picking the right colors is your crypto brand. You should be able to answer questions like:

– What do we stand for?
– Are we going to be a crypto brand only for men, women, or both?
– What are our central values?

And when you blend your findings about your ideal investors with your answers about your brand, then you can select colors that have a higher chance to help you to achieve your goals and not work against you.

How is Color Psychology Used in Design?

Blue – is the favorite color of both men and women

Blue - Color Psychology

I am sure that you have seen this color almost everywhere. One of the reasons is that both genders like it, but there is a lot more to it. The blue color usually connects with Trust, Responsibility, Competence, Security, and Loyalty.

Keep in mind that in some countries blue has negative associations like mourning. But you can use this color to make visitors feel safe, that’s why a lot of banks, payment processors, and security companies use it. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with this color, except if you are a blockchain solution somehow connected to the food industry. In that case, it is not recommended to use it, because blue is not really associated with food.

Red – the color of attraction

Red - Color Psychology

Some studies show that this color can affect your heart rate and breathing (aren’t colors powerful?). This color is associated with Love, Urgency, Passion, and Energy.

This is a great color for attracting attention to something. But it is perfect also for discounts, promotional messages, highlighting time-sensitive deals, and call to action buttons. Keep in mind that using red is like using salt; you must be careful if you don’t want to make people leave immediately.

Orange – the color of success

Orange - Color Psychology

This color has a very positive effect on people’s minds. The reason is that it is associated with,Happiness, Warmth, Excitement and Ambition.

The color orange is a great color for elements that need the attention of your visitors – for example, call-to-action buttons (think Amazon).

White – the freedom color

White - Color Psychology

Maybe you have heard the design term – whitespace, which is the space between the different elements of the website. This doesn’t mean that all sites need white, but because this color is associated with freedom, you can find this term everywhere. The color white relates to Freedom, Purity, Cleanliness, and Virtue.

This color is very popular in website design because it makes websites look clean and orderly. It can help you to make your content stand out (if it is combined with the right color) and make people feel that you are honest with them. Both of these things are important for making conversions. Plus, white helps with the balance on the website and can make the flow of your elements very smooth.

Black – the elegance color

White - Color Psychology

On almost all websites, you can find black due to its many significant associations. Remember that you can also connect this color to evil and death in many cultures. That’s why it makes some people feel uncomfortable with it. That said, black has its positive sides, such as Elegance, Luxury, Wealth, Power, and Authority.

The color black combines really well with white. Some even say that it helps with making websites energy efficient, but that’s another story. Using this color can help you attract visitors to something special and exclusive, like a VIP club for your token holders for example. It can also help with contrast so you can make your crypto website look modern.

Green – the color of money

Green - Color Psychology

This color is associated with nature and the environment (and money, right?). As a whole green is a very important color for all crypto brands that have eco-causes as part of their values. It is a great color for all blockchain solutions that are somehow solving problems related to health and outdoor activities too. Keep in mind that green is also the easiest to process color and it is a great choice for a contrasting color.

Yellow – the sun color

Yellow - Color Psychology

This color can help make your crypto website more welcoming and friendly. It is also associated with Happiness, Optimism, Fun, and Youth.

Yellow is a great color for contrast, but it is not a very readable color. Keep this in mind when you are designing your text boxes. Be careful with it because it can be a little overwhelming for your visitors.

Pink – The color of Femininity

Pink - Color Psychology

Any firm trying to project a more young, innovative, and whimsical vibe can benefit from using pink. For instance, T-Mobile uses its magenta color to differentiate itself from rivals.

In web design, pink can be used for calming effects. Aside from that, it can also be used for passionate and powerful intentions. Pink can have different effects depending on how it’s used or combined.

Purple – the royal color

Purple - Color Psychology

The Color Purple is connected to power, nobility, luxury, wisdom, and spirituality. But avoid using the color too much as it can cause feelings of frustration. Some perceive its overuse as arrogant.

Purple is a calm and cool color like blue. It is also related to creativity. In the past, purple was often connected to royalty and luxury due to the rarity of purple dyes. This combination makes it a fitting color for Art and Fashion projects.

How to Choose a Color Scheme

Here are some tips for choosing a Color Scheme, according to Cartwright.

– Prioritize the user experience.

– Set a mood for your color scheme.

– Consider color context.

– Refer to your color wheel.

– Use the 60-30-10 rule.

– Draft multiple designs.


As you can see, all colors have their own meanings and benefits and some of them have even serious negatives. Spending time finding which ones resonate the most with your crypto brand and customers is a great investment. You may not see it in the beginning, but the ROI will be high in the long term if you have picked the appropriate colors for your blockchain business.

If you need any directions or feedback regarding the colors that you have picked for your crypto brand or website, book a free consultation call with me!


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